We work with organisations of all sizes to improve health by changing behaviour. We optimise strategy, content and evaluation to ensure our partners implement effective, scalable adherence and support solutions for people with long term conditions and healthcare professionals.

Why partner with us

Are healthcare professionals failing to use your product in line with the licence or guidelines? Do you have an adherence issue with your product? Is your solution or communication strategy not as effective in changing health behaviour as you intended?

Clients come to us because they don’t have the expertise or capacity in-house to create effective strategies to improve adherence and change health behaviour.

What makes us different?

We’re a streamlined organisation where you’ll work directly with senior experts who combine the freshest thinking from the academic research world with a solid understanding of the regulatory, financial and timeline pressures of industry. We don’t have a platform to sell so you can be assured that the strategies and solutions we propose are independent. Our approach is instead to foster a network of specialist collaborators and we can help you identify implementation partners that are the best fit for your strategic needs.

Who we are

Who we are

Christina and Lina have over 20 years combined experience in developing adherence support for people with long term conditions and healthcare professionals. We’ve hand-picked a team of experienced external consultants who bring their expertise to projects as required.

Our commercially experienced behavioural psychologists and academic experts provide fresh thinking and cutting-edge strategy for adherence and health behaviour-change solutions and measurement.

Meet our team


PhD, CPsychol., Founding Director

My expertise
I’m a behavioural psychologist specialising in improving adherence to medication for long term conditions and changing healthcare professional behaviour to improve services.

My experience
I’ve been working in the adherence field for a decade, first as an academic then commercially for Atlantis Healthcare, before setting up Sprout Behaviour Change with Lina. I’ve worked on global and local initiatives to support people with various long-term conditions for 9 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies. The work has been varied in terms of patient population, channels, level of investment, and brand life-cycle. I’ve also worked on projects focused on changing healthcare professional behaviour to improve services, including work as a speaker around adherence. I continue to be interested in research, and I retain academic links with King’s College London.

My guiding principles
I am passionate about translating the latest findings from academic research into workable, real-world solutions that can help both people with long term conditions and their healthcare team.

See my Linkedin profile for a full CV.



PhD, CPsychol, Founding Director

My expertise
I specialise in understanding, measuring and improving treatment adherence / compliance, in clinical trials and in the real world.

My experience
My experience spans the worlds of academic research, and the commercial sector. I worked as a post-doc researcher at Imperial College London following the completion of my PhD on adherence to oral tyrosine-kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukaemia. I then joined a boutique adherence consultancy where I oversaw the development, implementation and evaluation of patient and caregiver support programmes delivered by multi-disciplinary teams. I also provided training and on-going monitoring of the health professionals who delivered those interventions. Most recently I led a European Clinical Outcomes Assessment team at one of the World’s largest clinical research organisations. Over my career, I have collaborated with numerous world-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the UK, European and U.S. markets across a wide range of disease categories, including oncology, haematology, gastroenterology, neurology, OBGYN and paediatric neurodegenerative disorders.

My guiding principles
I value transparency in processes and communication, and having the freedom to recommend the best possible strategies for my clients.

For more details about my career, please view my LinkedIn profile.



External Consultant

My expertise
I specialise in uncovering the cognitive, attitudinal and social factors that influence how people make decisions across different healthcare contexts and issues. I design reliable instruments that predict or explain health behaviour. I also use novel techniques to explore in-depth people’s experience of healthcare services and treatments. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

My experience
Most of my research is translational in nature and has contributed to improvements in policy and practice. I have undertaken multi-country studies in close collaboration with industry, leading academics and non-profit organisations. My research spans different areas; from vaccines and HIV preexposure prophylaxis to teamwork and the use of checklists in surgery.

My guiding principles
I am motivated to help change lives for the better, and to be people-focused at every stage of the process.

For more details about my career, please follow this link to my LinkedIn profile.



MPhil, MSc
External Consultant

My expertise
I specialise in treatment adherence and health communication design. As a German native, I speak the language and know the German market and health care system well.

My experience
Before founding Terzakis Consulting in 2014, I was the head of the German health psychology department at one of the world’s most specialised adherence consultancies, where I designed large-scale patient support programmes and trained a national field force of specialist nurses. I have experience in working on a wide variety of health topics, spanning autoimmune illness, respiratory conditions, oncology and rare diseases amongst others. I am qualified in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and in leading groups using MI. I speak English, German and Spanish and am proficient in designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative research. I currently also work part-time at the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen, Germany, where I help design, implement and evaluate communication interventions for GPs, as well as mobile health app development.

My guiding principles
I care about finding the best solution to a problem, listening and understanding before I act or judge.

For more details about my career, please follow this link to my LinkedIn profile.


PhD, Chartered Health Psychologist
External Consultant

My expertise
My expertise is in self-management in chronic conditions, impact of stress on health and social support in healthcare.  I’m also interested in prevention of illness and the uptake of preventative behaviours in the healthy population.

My experience
My experience is varied and I have worked in academic, clinical and commercial settings. I have worked both in understanding why patients may not follow their treatment regimes and designing interventions to improve adherence. This involves the application of health psychology theories of behaviour and behaviour change and working collaboratively with a range of healthcare professionals.  I have delivered interventions in a variety of formats including face to face, groups and multimedia programmes. In the commercial sector, I was involved in the development and evaluation of a range of patient support programmes helping to ensure that programmes were practical whilst retaining their evidence base.  I have worked across a number of clinical conditions including chronic wounds, Psoriasis, M.I., Hypertension, Neurofibromatosis and Xeroderma Pigmentosum.  I enjoy training other healthcare professionals in adherence, self-management and stress management.

My guiding principles
My passion is translation of health psych knowledge into practical solutions for patients and my guiding principle is to always remain curious.



BPharm PhD FRPharmS
External Consultant
Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy, UCL School of Pharmacy, London UK
Mentor in Chief, Improvement Research Institute (holding title) University of Cambridge UK

My expertise
I am a pharmacist whose research has found ways to understand how to remove unnecessary harm and distress caused by the (mis)use of medicines. I focus on multidisciplinary work to improve prescribing and adherence, and to reduce errors. I have published over 200 papers in this field (see my profile in Google Scholar)

My experience
I ran hospital pharmacies before becoming an academic; more recently I have been research director at The Health Foundation, researching ways to improve health systems. I have worked with a range of disciplinary experts, from philosophers to mathematical modellers, and have spent many years working with LSE on health technology evaluations. The New Medicines Service in England is based on my research and I helped form the service. It has recently been shown to save the NHS £0.5bn and add 180,000 quality adjusted life years. More recently my interest has extended improving health services; particularly the use of systems theory to develop and evaluate complex adaptive systems.  I am a former Vice-President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB and hold their Lifetime Achievement Award and the Gold Medal of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists. I presented the BBC series The Victorian Pharmacy.

My guiding principles
The guiding principle to all my work has been to find out the right things to do and then do them right.

What we do

Service areas

We use the same methodologies to understand and change behaviours of people with long term conditions and healthcare professionals.

Strategic Recommendations

We ground our strategies in robust evidence relating to behavioural drivers and solutions to change behaviour.

  • Systematic and narrative literature reviews
  • Review and reanalysis of your existing market research
  • Qualitative and quantitative primary research, or liaison with your research partners
  • Identification and evaluation of behaviour-change techniques in existing programmes and materials

Behaviour-Change Tactics

We use a transparent, theory-driven approach to maximise impact on behaviour.

  • Selection and mapping of behaviour-change techniques to underlying behavioural drivers and barriers
  • Development of effective content and training materials for all solution stakeholders (patients, healthcare professionals and internal stakeholders)
  • Data-driven or theory driven algorithms to drive individualised solutions
  • Identification of appropriate providers for implementation

Measurement and Evaluation

We help you to assess and demonstrate value from your behaviour-change initiatives. We help you control for adherence confounding results in clinical trials and observational studies.

  • Evaluate success of solutions and deliver continuous improvement plans
  • Dissemination and publication strategy
  • Identification, development and validation of adherence measurements
  • Strategic advice on adherence endpoints and analysis


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